Presentation Claudio Lavazza – My pestiferous life

Wednesday 16 November – 20.00
De Verdieping – Anna Spenglerstraat 83 – Amsterdam

Claudio Lavazza

Presentation of anarchist Claudio Lavazza’s authobiograhy My pestiferous life (Compass editions, 2019) followed by updates about his current situation and the context of the international mobilization for his immediate release. Claudio Lavazza is an anarchist who participated in the armed struggle in Italy during the 70s and 80s, then spent over 16 years on the run in France, where he continued to put into practice an unwavering solidarity with imprisoned comrades. He was arrested in 1996 after a bank robbery in Spain. His incarceration never deterred him from continuing to struggle, despite having spent eight years in the FIES isolation regime in Spain. Claudio is currently detained in France, where he is serving a 10 year sentence, after already having spent 25 years in Spanish prisons.

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