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The Vrije Bond wants to grow, so sign up now! If you join the Vrije Bond you can help us building a stronger anarchist movement in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Guidelines for dues (dependent on your income):

A) A monthly income between 0 and 500 euro’s: 2,00 euro per month.

B) A monthly income between 500 euro’s and welfare: 4,00 euro per month.

C) A monthly income between welfare and minimum wage: 6,00 euro per month.

D) A monthly income higher than minimum wage: 8,00 euro per month.

More is always welcome!


Please transfer your money monthly and automatically to:

Vrije Bond (Amsterdam)
IBAN: NL80INGB0005495473


Please send the following information by email (

First name and Surname
Street name and number
Zipcode and Town
E-mail address
Amount of dues