VBA Hangout Movie Night: Libertarias.

Dear Comrades,

Join us the 20th of September for the last VBA hangout, it will be a movie night, we’re going to watch Libertarias (1996):

At the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, the nun Maria is forced to flee her convent. She takes refuge in a brothel, until it is liberated by a woman’s anarchist group. Maria joins the group and eventually goes to the front. The woman’s group faces the problems of fighting not only the nationalist but also factions on the left seeking to impose a more traditionally military structure.

There will be dinner at 19:00 the movie starts at 20:00, we will provide some (vegan)snacks afterwards people are welcome to hang around for a nice drink and a good chat.

So come to the MKZ on 20-09, 19:00.