Punx in recovery / Talks about Mental health struggles in DIY / punk scene

There will be infotalks by Craig Lewis in Amsterdam, The Hague and Nijmegen. Lewis, a peer counsellor, punk and an author of three books on mental health, is touring Europe with his latest book, Punx in Recovery, sharing his personal experiences with mental health struggles in the diy / punk scene in US. Based on […]

[Nijmegen] Political infocafe during DIYFest

Infostands, talks, workshops and vegan food on the second day of DIYfest 2019. With a concert of Sharp Knives and Valinor. There’s the walk-in political info café in the Klinker (same building, different address) on Saturday, with info on Ende Gelände, and Sharp Knives (PORTUGAL) and Valinor (SPAIN) will play their music. There’s a DIY Bike […]