[Amsterdam] Info update on the struggle of Alfredo Cospito on hungerstrike

Update on the situation of Alfredo Cospito and the mobilisation that has been happening since the start of his hunger strike on the 20th of october 2022 in Italy. The hunger strike to the bitter end is against 41 bis and life imprisonment without possibility of parole. In the face of the attempted annihilation of Alfredo, it is of the utmost importance that the ideas, deeds, and contribution of the comrade not be forgotten, condemned to oblivion as desired by the repressive apparatus of the state with the Scripta Manent trial, the Sibilla operation, and the transfer to the 41 bis regime.

Alfredo Cospito

Sunday, 22nd of January 15:00 open,
17:00 info update and discussion

At De Verdieping
Anna Spenglerstraat 83

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