[Utrecht] Reading Evening #2 – Direct Action

ACUVoorstraat 71

[Utrecht] Reading Evening #2 – Direct Action

“Start doing the things you think should be done.
Start being what you think society should become.
Do you believe in free speech? Then speak freely.
Do you love the truth? the tell it.
Do you believe in an open society? Then act in the open.
Do you believe in a decent and human society?
Then behave decently and humanely”
(Adam Michnik)

Direct action is at the heart of all human advancement. Sound like a grandiose claim? It is. But it’s also beautifully simple: direct action means that we take collective action to change our circumstances, without handing our power to a middle person.

Our reading night is an event where we want to get together and share some good readings about direct action. We believe in the importance of experiencing reading as a collective act as a form of resistance and in the empowering feeling that doing so can generate.

Do you feel like sharing a prose text, a poem or your own words with us? Send us an email at barricade@acu.nl.


The reading should be max 10 minutes long and can be in whatever language you prefer.

If you don’t feel like reading, join us anyway on Sunday 30 December at 20.30 at ACU to hear some readings about direct action.

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