[Turning the Tide 2020] Invitation to plan a common uprising for climate justice and system change 16-18 November in Ostrava (CZ)


[Turning the Tide 2020] Invitation to plan a common uprising for climate justice and system change 16-18 November in Ostrava (CZ)

You are warmly invited to join our campaign and to attend our second meeting in Ostrava, Czech Republic, on 16-18 November 2018, to plan a common uprising for climate justice and system change escalating to 2020 and beyond. Read more below – and keep updated on our new website!

It’s up to us to turn the tide

At meetings in Amsterdam and Vienna, people from various European grassroots groups agreed on the following plan:

After a joint campaign-launch in early 2019, countless groups organize decentralized actions that fit their regional context and are at the same time connected to the 2020 campaign. The diversity of actions throughout the whole year becomes a call for a common uprising in 2020.

In 2020, Europe will see a wave of coordinated mass actions: People block pipelines, harbours, airports, coal-mines, agro-industry, banks, arms factories and borders, standing up for climate justice and system change. The actions of a multitude of organizations and movements clearly belong to one campaign, amounting to a massive non-violent uprising against an economic model that has many losers and that destroys the very natural foundations life on Earth depends on.

The perspective of the mass actions fosters and strengthens new alliances. Local groups are inspired because they share a bigger context and the goal of escalating to 2020. The mass actions gain momentum throughout the year of decentralized actions. The expectation that something big will happen spreads widely…..

Around the actions, people will gather in community halls and reclaim squares to hold assemblies and to discuss what climate justice and system change can look like in practice.

This is a first outline – the details will be shaped by everybody involved… and you?

How can you contribute?

  • Discuss with your group if you want to join the campaign.
  • If you want to endorse our 2020 campaign, you are welcome to
  • Sign our call.
  • Send us a photograph and a short paragraph about your group and your struggle for the website map.
  • In turn, we are happy if you spread and link our page.
  • Organize a discussion about the campaign at an activist event you attend!
  • And of course: Come to the meeting, discuss our logo, slogan and the demands that we will use as an umbrella for a shared choreography for climate justice and system change.
  • Consider if you can host a mass action in 2020 and let us know!
  • If you cannot come to this meeting but still want to be part of the campaign – get in touch! by2020we (at) riseup.net


The 2020 sessions will take place as part of a general Climate Justice Action Network Meeting. There will be open spaces for other issues that need to be discussed within the network.

Who we are:

We are an open group of European grassroots activists who met at the CJA meeting in Amsterdam (January 2018) and at the climate camp in Vienna (June 2018). We feel the need to scale up our actions in response to accelerating climate change and global injustice. For that, it appears important that our actions are expressed as complementary elements in a common long-term escalation strategy – consisting of ongoing, inter-connected, increasingly inclusive, massive and radical campaigns.


The meeting will take place in Ostrava, Czech Republic, from November 16-18, 2018. There will be group accommodation and food on a donation basis.

More information about place & time will follow.


by2020we (at) riseup.net


The call:

Turning the tide: Streaming together towards 2020

Let’s join for a long-term escalation of action for climate justice and system change!

The Climate crisis is already upon us. The 1.5-degree target is a matter of life and death for millions of people. Meeting it requires that industrialised States be on a reduction pathway by 2020. Instead, States are still encouraging the extraction and use of fossil fuels. And this is only one of the challenges we face.

For change to happen, our actions must scale up massively, and be seen as a common struggle.

Let’s connect our diverse local struggles – against mines or pipelines, against plastic production or agro-industry, against banks and borders. We are not fighting single issues – together we are fighting the countless destructions threatening the environment, the discriminations and inequalities produced by the capitalist system.

Let’s join for a huge mobilization for climate justice and system change, culminating in a massive uprising in 2020.

At the same time, we are laying the foundations of a new society based on caring for each other and the planet. We are creating resilient networks in which we can grow and produce, share and care.

System Change not Climate Change

2020we (at) riseup.net

People from various European climate justice groups

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