[Gent BE] Boekpresentatie Peter Gelderloos

Woensdag 15 mei komt Peter Gelderloos praten in het Anarchistisch Centrum Gent. Gelderloos is de schrijver van (oa) de boeken “How Nonviolence Protects the State” en “The Failure of Nonviolence“. Momenteel is hij op tour door Europa om de Franse vertaling van het boek “How Nonviolence Protects The State” te promoten. Nu zullen er misschien […]

Bookpresentation: “Worshiping Power” by Peter Gelderloos

According to Worshiping Power, we need to stop thinking of the State as a potential vehicle for emancipation. From its origins, the State has never been anything other than a tool to accumulate power. This book provides a history of state formation in Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Europe, from Mesopotamia to the 20th century. […]