MiGreat Informatie Avond

Door het verstevigde grensbeleid van de Europese Unie wordt het vluchtelingen en andere migranten steeds moeilijker gemaakt om veilig de Europese Unie te bereiken. Dit jaar werd zelfs vastgelegd door UNITED dat de Europese grens de dodelijkste van de wereld is. Hoe kan dat? Momenteel zitten tienduizenden mensen vast op de Griekse eilanden, lopen er […]

Rojava Everywhere

On February 23rd the comrades from the Internationalist Commune of Rojava and Make Rojava Green Again campaign will come to The Barricade to talk about the current situation in Rojava, the role of internationalists in this revolution and the campaigns they’ve launched in the past years (Make Rojava Green Again, Women Defend Rojava and Riseup4Rojava). For the […]

Barriversary #3 – Striving for Autonomy

The Barricade is celebrating its third birthday! With what was a pile of dusty boxes of books, we’ve made a library with more than 300 members. Of what would have been discarded veggies ready to become trash, we make every week a free dinner for almost 100 people. And it is not just a free […]

[Utrecht] Shell Must Fall! Get involved! // Code Rood

[English below] Info-avond over Shell Must Fall-campagne van Code Rood.Woensdag 5 juniACUVoorstraat 71Utrecht Een rechtvaardige energietransitie is alleen mogelijk in een wereld zonder Shell. Het is tijd om geschiedenis te maken van Shell – doe mee! Op 23 mei was de allerlaatste Shell aandeelhoudersvergadering. Volgend jaar gaan wij namelijk met een grote, diverse coalitie de […]

[Utrecht] AKSIE-café #4

Are you also fed up with neoliberalism and climate change? Does the rise of the far-right also makes you anxious? Do you want to do something about it, but you don’t know how? Then, come to the AKSIE-café (ACTION-café) in Utrecht! During this afternoon, we will be discussing the struggles of our time and above […]

[Utrecht] Benefit and Infotalk for the No Border Camp 2019

On the 14th of April we’ll be hosting an Infotalk about the No Border Camp that will take place in the beginning of August.Join to hear more about the camp, also if you want to get involved.We’ll also be gathering donations at dinner for the camp so come support the No Border Camp 2019! Restricting […]

[Utrecht] Barriversary – Barricade’s 2nd birthday!

Book-Café The Barricade is celebrating its second birthday! With what not long ago was a pile of dusty boxes of books, we’ve made a library with more than two hundred members. On what were discarded veggies ready to become trash, we’ve tried to model a different society. We’ve tried to bring political activity back to […]

[Utrecht] Reading Session #1 – Borders

“The border is not a wall- it’s a system of control. It doesn’t protect people; it pits them against each other. It doesn’t foster togetherness; it breeds resentment. It doesn’t keep out predators, it gives them badges and guns. The border does not divide one world from another. There is only one world, and the […]

[Utrecht] Presentatie: Introduction to Anarchism

“How is Anarchism not a joke?”   “Does Anarchism mean disobeying my parents’ wishes?”   If these questions and similar ones have ever kept you awake at night and away from starting a revolution by overthrowing all hierarchical structures, then join this presentation! Peter Storm will explain the basic principles of anarchism. Everyone is welcome; […]