Skillsharing autonomous festival Anarchy and Alchemy, Wassenaar


Skillsharing autonomous festival Anarchy and Alchemy, Wassenaar

On the first of September, there will be a gathering held for the curious and free minded people. Where people can come to that fight for justice and love to feed their curiosity by learning new ways to fight the system. On this day we will share our skills and tell our stories about our activist projects. It will be held at the Autonomous squatted palace “Ivicke” in Wassenaar. It is going to be a day with multiple pre-organised workshops and lectures but also a day to enjoy the forest surrounding “Ivicke”. Because we encourage self-organisation, we will have a space for people to give a workshop/lecture on the spot without reserving. Food is going to be prepared and the evening will have a cultural program including bands and DJ’s. There is no price at participating, but donations are well appreciated.

If you’re not planning to go home it is possible to camp-out in the garden, bring a tent or sleep under the huge red beech tree.

About “Ivicke”

Autonomous palace “Ivicke” was squatting on the 5th of July as an action against speculation by an active group that seeks to create a community where we can learn from each other and create a space to work with our creative minds. There is no eviction threat as of yet. It is a monumental building surrounded by a big piece of land next to the highway N44. The squatters would like to create a space where people can organise different kinds of events, in order to do this they need support. If you have any free time and are encouraged by our project please contact us on anarchyandalchemy (at)
This is the press release of squatters of Ivicke (please note Ivicke (at) is NOT a valid mail address).


If you have anything to show or tell please contact us on anarchyandalchemy (at) Anarchy&Alchemy is open for a lot of different kinds of skills and lecture like tree-climbing, lock-picking, permaculture, talking to the police or telling about your own activist project. Please don’t think your skills/projects aren’t sufficient enough since that is hardly never the case.

Click here for the website.


We’re excited to announce our music lineup for this year, we got a great combination of national/international/acoustic and amplified artists!


  • Bucket Boys (ADM Swamp folk); Three street musicians from Amsterdam/Tennessee. Banjo, Gutbucket and Chinese chopstick
  • Phoenix (Folk); He’s lived as a musician and activist and traveled to different parts of the US and Europe while doing so.
  • Kabaal (Punk);
  • De Jeugd (Punk);
  • Locura (Crust)
  • Scumpulse (BLACK CRUST Edinburgh UK)

BASSment DJ’s: till late!

Dagga Dagga (Dancehall) From Agga

Tjotjo Dub Soundsystem & Sista Lisa from The Hague

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