[Rotterdam] Opening - Anarchy Art Atelier!


Opening – Anarchy Art Atelier!


We [Anarchy Art] would like to invite you to the opening of our semi-public atelier March 1st [at] 5pm 1e IJzerstraat 115, Rotterdam.

Anarchy Art Atelier

Let’s warm up the space, listen to some vinyl, drink, eat, paint the walls, the couch… paint everything! We’ll be serving orgasmic vegetarian chili sin carne-nacho servings from 5-7pm. Space and beer = limited. Free prints of RUMOER #1 [Anarchist publication] available.

Who is we?

We’re Anarchy Art, a new anarchistic music & arts event organiser based in Rotterdam. Besides organising Fests, we want to open up our workspace to gather and co-create.

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