[Malmö] Malmös anarkistiska bokmässa


[Malmö] Malmös anarkistiska bokmässa

Anarchistische boekenbeurs Malmö, Zweden // 7 tot 9 juni // @ Sofielunds Folketshus // Website

Between 07 – 09 June, Malmö’s Anarchist Book Fair will take place. With this we want to give room to presentations of books and publications around the anarchist spectrum, however also lectures, discussions and workshops. We see a need in that learn from different experiences, share ideas and ongoing struggles. To spread theory and practice strengthens our movement locally and globally and makes us stronger.

Dystopia, natural catastrophes, unstoppable climate change, uncertain future, rise of the right-wing, wars, construction of walls, racism, loss of rights…

The headlines do not predict anything good, the wear is obvious, on the planet and in people. The battles are being fought in every corner of the world, victories exist and we need to remember them. They want us to believe that there is no reality other than what they plan, they want to make us lose our passion for ideas, the excitement for struggles and the confidence in victory. We do not agree with their dialectic. We rise UTOPIA, we want to create a project!

Revolutions, revolts and insurrections are part of humanity since the authority were generated. We have almost two centuries of history, we have more than a century of inheritance of ideas, of struggles that in spite of the violence and repression exerted on them continued to exist. We have a past of victories and defeats, of revolutions and massacres, and we have to learn from all of them. We have a past full of people, comrades who left their lifes for the ideas, for defending a model that did not conform to the established, although from the beginning they thought there would be no possibility of success, that never stopped them.

We proudly carry that past and that new world in our hearts and we do not want this to end here.

The concept of the institutional left is clearly, more than ever, a body without life, that despite walking, it is rotten inside. The betrayal of the working class, the racism, the corruption inside and the search for power by any means. The examples are many. Here and everywhere. But on the street, in our neighbors, in the workplace or in the places where we have fun and learn, is where we will find allies, whom can conspire to fulfill our purposes. That’s why we want to meet again at the anarchist book fair. Share and discuss ideas, learn from each other, generate experiences and create stronger bonds.

It’s been a year since we got together to organize the last anarchist book fair in Malmö, a complex process in which we try to find a variety of books, publications, presentations and topics to deal with. There were six months of assemblies in which we organized the structure of the fair and we tried to create an interesting program for anyone and in which all in one way or another felt comfortable.

It was the weekend of June 16 to 18, 2018, when the event was held. Around 300 people passed through Sofielund Folkethus sharing talks, debates, books, publications, laughter, tensions, knowledge and support. About half of the acts were in Swedish and the other half in English. It was positive to meet many people who came from far away places to share those days with us.

We have to leave our house, go to meet, get on the road, work in the union of conflict, prudent or happy, among the pieces of the world. You have to organize. Organizing has never been anything more than loving yourself.

We hope to meet again on the weekend of June 7 to 9 in Malmö in Sofielunds Folketshus.

Make anarchism a threat again!

Contact information: anarchistbookfairmalmo (at) riseup (dot) net

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