[Amsterdam] Lucio - documentary screening for the Woonprotest arrestees

BolloxEerste Schinkel­straat 14-16

Lucio – documentary screening for the Woonprotest arrestees

AGA is organizing a round of movies and documentaries screening during autumn in order to fund raise money for those repressed by the police during the Woonprotest demo on the 12th of September. 

On the 7th of May at 17:30, “Lucio” documentary will be screened at Bollox (Eerste Schinkelstraat 14, Amsterdam). The documentary is about Lucio, a Spanish bricklayer that became internationally famous for his revolutionary activities, specially money and checks forgeries during the 60s and 70s in Paris.

Our time slot is limited so please be on time. 
Doors open at 17:30, screening begins at 17:45.
Suggested donation is 3€, after the screening the soli bar will be open. 

Lucio - documentary screening for the Woonprotest arrestees

Synopsis:  Lucio Urtubia dedicated anarchist participated in notorious kidnappings, he collaborated with Che Guevara, he swindled Citibank of 3,000 million pesetas. And did it all without missing a day’s work as a building laborer.
More information about Luciohttps://enoughisenough14.org/2020/07/18/lucio-urtubia-an-anarchist-life/

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