[Den Haag] Info night: Abolish Frontex

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Info night: Abolish Frontex

Frontex is the European Union’s border agency, a key actor in enforcing the EU’s deadly border regime. It is responsible for systemic human rights violations through its operations; deportations; and cooperation with repressive regimes in third countries.

In the last fifteen years, Frontex has grown in power and budget enormously and it is now the best paid agency of the EU. This has to stop. Frontex is an essential part of the EU’s inherently racist, colonial and capitalist border policies and contributes to the horrific way in which migrants are treated.

It’s time to abolish Frontex and the system it represents. Reforms are useless.

Abolish Frontex

Covid: please don’t come if you were in contact with people having covid, suspected of covid or have symptoms yourself. If you’ve been to a large party/gathering/inside event in the last few days, please do a test or self-test.

We are fully vaccinated and as usual, have vegan cookies!

Mutual aid!

There are facemasks available and for free to take at the entrance.
Allergies: we have a cat, Doris, frequently visiting, so sadly the space not allergic proof. Let us know in advance then we’ll thoroughly vacuum and try to not let them take their fav place at the couch or roam around.

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