Films From the Frontlines: Bosnia and Herzegovina in Spring and Pieces of Madrid.

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Films From the Frontlines: Bosnia and Herzegovina in Spring and Pieces of Madrid.

Screening and discussion from the media collective Global Uprisings an
independent news site and video series dedicated to showing responses to
the economic crisis and to authoritarianism from around the world.
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Bosnia and Herzegovina in Spring
(March 2014/14 min, 40 sec)

This short documentary tells the story of the uprising in Bosnia and
Herzegovina that started in early February 2014.
In early February 2014, protests swept across Bosnia and Herzegovina. The
protests were started by workers from five factories in northern city of
Tuzla: Dita, Polihem, Poliolhem, GUMARA and Konjuh. The factories had been
privatized, bankrupted and stripped of assets, leaving the workers with
large debts, no salaries, no health care and no benefits.
The protests culminated on February 7, 2014 when several governmental
buildings were set on fire in cities across the country, including the
presidential building in Sarajevo. Under pressure of protests, four
regional governments resigned.
The protests were followed with mass popular assemblies, referred to as
plenums, that quickly spread across the country.

Pieces of Madrid
(April 2014/18 min)

This short documentary explores ongoing resistance and self-organization
in the midst of the economic and social crisis in Madrid, Spain.
As social conditions continue to deteriorate across the country, people
have been turning to the streets and to each other to find for solutions
to the crisis. This film tells a story of the massive mobilization that
saw millions of people converge on Madrid on March 22nd 2014, the story of
the proliferation of social centers, community gardens, self-organized
food banks, and the story of large-scale housing occupations by and for
families that have been evicted. The film pieces together many of the
creative ways that people have been coping with crisis and asks what the
future may hold for Spain.
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