Dutch cities commemorate the 9/2/2020 invisible shipwreck off Libya


Dutch cities commemorate the 9/2/2020 invisible shipwreck off Libya

On the 9th of February, families of 91 people who went missing in a invisible shipwreck off Libya in 2020 will organise a demonstration in Al Fasher, Darfur. In solidarity with them, there will be CommemorActions in many cities including Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Groningen.

Where are they?

Would you like to participate in commemorating the 91 lives that were lost at sea on the 9th of February 2020? Do you live in Amsterdam and surroundings and have a nice window that could use some “decoration” like the posters in the picture?

Email poster92@riseup.net to receive details about poster pickup.




On 9 February 2020, the Alarm Phone received a distress call from a rubber boat with 91 people in distress just off the coast of Libya. The boat was losing air, the engine had stopped working and people had already gone overboard. Activists of the Alarm Phone informed all the relevant authorities, but no rescue operation took place and soon the people were no longer reachable. See here for the full Alarm Phone report.

The accident stands as one of countless “invisible shipwrecks” in the Mediterranean Sea. While relatives and friends never heard from the missing people again, the responsible authorities still do not comment when asked. The accident and the missing 91 people are not even included in any statistics of deaths at sea because no survivors can testify that the accident ever happened. Without official recognition, it is even harder for the bereaved to mourn their dead.

On 9 February 2021, on the anniversary of the tragedy, families of the 91 missing people will organise a demonstration in Al-Fashir (Darfur, Sudan), where many of the bereaved live. In solidarity with them, Alarm Phone activists are calling for the 91 missing and all unknown drowned to be remembered with solidarity actions in several European cities.

We want to make the memory of the dead of the border regime visible, every single death is important and to be mourned. We want to show the families and friends that they are not alone in their grief and anger. When people die during their crossing of the Mediterranean Sea, these are not accidents. They are part and consequence of a political system based on exploitation and exclusion.

Decentralised commemorative and protest actions will be organised on 9 February 2021: CommemorAction! In reference to the active relatives of the missing in Darfur and Tripoli, these activities will take place at least in the following cities: Palermo, Latina, Tunis, Marseille, Toulon, Strasbourg, Paris, Brighton, Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Cologne, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Amsterdam, Zurich, Vienna.

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