docu: ‘Counterinsurgency and Social War’

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docu: ‘Counterinsurgency and Social War’

(English below)

De zesde aflevering van de documentairereeks ‘Trouble’ gaat over counter-insurgency, een methode om opstanden en sociale onrust de kop in te drukken met diverse middelen. Van bruut militair optreden, verdeel-en-heers tactieken, het pacificeren van militant verzet, tot het isoleren van opstandige elementen binnen bewegingen. Counter-insurgency is oorspronkelijk ontwikkeld door westerse mogendheden, om onafhankelijkheidsbewegingen in kolonies tegen te kunnen gaan. Maar vandaag de dag wordt het volop gebruikt tegen stakende arbeiders, studentenopstanden, en migrantengemeenschappen die tegen hun achtergestelde positie in opstand komen.

In de documentaire komen een aantal schrijvers aan bod van boeken die ook in onze bibliotheek staan. Na afloop gaan we aan de hand van deze boeken dieper op de stof in. Een kameraad geeft een presentatie van 20 minuten, en daarna is er ruimte voor discussie en het delen van eigen ervaringen en observaties.

‘Trouble’ is specifiek gemaakt om in groepen te kijken en discussies op gang te brengen. Als je je eigen screening wil organiseren of toch gewoon thuis wil kijken, is deze afleveringen natuurlijk vrij beschikbaar op

De ruimte is open om 19:30.
De documentaire begint om 20:00 scherp.

De documentaire is in het engels. *Als* er nederlandse ondertitels zijn zullen we deze aanzetten, maar we kunnen het niet beloven.

Deze avond is georganiseerd door de Anarchistische Groep Amsterdam


The sixht episode of ‘Trouble’ is about counter-insurgency, a method to counter uprisings and social unrest with diverse means. From brute military force, divide-and-conquer tacticts, pacifying militant resistance, to isolating radical people within movements. Counter-insurgency has originally been developed by western powers, to be able to counter movements for independence in colonies. Today, it is in full use against striking workers, student uprisings and migrant communities rising up against their social position.

In the documentary a number of writers are featured whose books we have in our library. After the screening we will use these books to gain a deeper understanding of the issue. A comrade has prepared a 20 minute presentation, after which there is room for discussion and sharing personal experiences.

‘Trouble’ has been made to get discussions going in groups. If you want to organize your own screening, or want to watch at home, this episode (and all others) are of course freely available at

Space open: 19:30

Starting time ‘Counterinsurgency and Social War’: 20:00 sharp

The documentary is in english.


Makers summary:

ADAPT AND DESTROY: Counterinsurgency and Social War

Despite the unimaginable capacity for violence and coercion that they wield, states are far more vulnerable than they let on. This is not only true of the so-called “failed states” currently plagued by civil war and internal strife, but also the imperialist centers of global capitalism themselves. Their fatal weakness is built into their design; modern states are incredibly complicated and dynamic political constructions, yet at their core they remain what they have always been – vehicles of social organization aimed at facilitating the exploitation of the many, for the enrichment of the few. Without the active or passive consent of the many, the few are in serious trouble.

In order to seek out and manage threats to their legitimacy and authority, states invest a considerable amount of time, energy and resources towards the science of social control. This science, known as COIN or Counterinsurgency doctrine, is nothing less than a perpetual war, waged by states against their domestic populations. Their tactical repertoire spans the gamut from violence and covert assassination, to elections, community police liaisons, and the funding of pacifist non-profit groups. In addition to this, they pursue divide-and-rule strategies, relying on structural institutions such as nationalism, white supremacy, and hetero-patriarchy to fan the flames of reaction and keep us fighting amongst ourselves.

If revolutionaries hope to be successful in our efforts, it’s vitally important to understand the way our enemies view us, and the tactics and strategies that they will deploy against us. In this month’s episode of Trouble, anarchist media collective sub.Media interviews a number of individuals as they explain some of the main principles of counterinsurgency, and identify historical and contemporary examples of how they are put into practice.

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