[Amsterdam] Demonstration against gender-based violence


Demonstration against gender-based violence

On 26th November, we will gather at Ouderkerksplein in Amsterdam at 18:30 for the international day against gender-based violence.

Whilst the lockdown has showed us that many women are not safe in their own homes, last year was the deadliest (recorded) year for trans people. Gender-based violence doesn’t know borders and neither does our solidarity! We are here, we are survivors, we are angry and we will not remain silent!

Demonstration against gender-based violence

Organised by:

Anarcha Feminist Group Amsterdam
Feminist Collage
Radical Solidarity

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  • Hey comrades,

    Good message good demo, thank you for that. One small bit of feedback, trans people prefer the word to be separate, it’s not cispeople either, cis or trans in front of people is an adjective. Only when you add gender can you concatenate (cisgender/transgender). I hope you can make a small edit, thank you!

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