CREA The political economy of anarchism

Maandag 14 november om 20:00
waar : CREA Theater  Turfdraagsterpad 17   Amsterdam
Is wel in het engels, voor niet studenten 5 euro,

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Real World Economics – The political economy of anarchism

Anarchists have been very visibly present in many of the protests and actions around economic issues during the past ten years. The circled A and the red and black flags were often at the forefront of alter-globalist venues, and more recently the protests against the
imposed austerity measures in Europe and the US.

Less visible however are anarchist ideas about the outlook of the
economy. What have anarchist writers contributed theoretically about
the organization and management of economic production? How have
anarchist ideas evolved in this regard since the legendary debates in
the 1st International during the second half of the 19th century?
Moreover, how do contemporary anarchists envision the tasks currently
fulfilled by the state apparatus to take shape in an anarchic economy?

Speakers: Bert Altena, historian at the Erasmus University Rotterdam,
specialized in the history of labour movements; Dennis de Lange, who
is active in the anarchist group AGA and published a book last year on
the followers of Tolstoy in the Netherlands; and Angela Wigger,
Lecturer Global Political Economy at Radboud University in Nijmegen.
English spoken throughout the evening.

Location: CREA Theater
Admission: students free, others ? 5,-
No reservations.

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  • Klinkt intressant! Er wordt te weinig aandacht besteed aan het economische aspect van anarchisme.

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