Bookcafé de Barricade (Utrecht) viert eerste verjaardag

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Bookcafé de Barricade (Utrecht) viert eerste verjaardag

Bookcafé de Barricade first birthdayOp zaterdag 14 en zondag 15 oktober viert de Utrechtse anarchistische bibliotheek Bookcafé de Barricade haar eerste verjaardag in het ACU.

On Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October the Utrecht anarchist library Bookcafé the Barricade celebrates her first birthday in the ACU.

Dit gaat er gebeuren (onder voorbehoud en in het Engels) / This is going to happen (subject to change):

Zaterdag 8PM: Benefit concert (for donation), with:


Zondag 2PM: Talks, Stands, Movie, with:

Libraries from around the Netherlands (and abroad!) will be joining us on this day, a great chance to hear about their projects and experiences and to have a common discussion on the role of cultural activism in radical politics.

  • Atalanta (Anarchist publisher from Utrecht)
  • Fort van Sjakoo (Radical bookshop from Amsterdam)
  • L’Idea (Anarchist library from Rome)
  • Kelderuitgeverij (Anarchist publisher from Utrecht)
  • De As (Anarchist quarterly)

We’ll also have a talk hosted by MemoiresBureau on the representation of transgender people in the media and the role that ethnicity and whiteness have in influencing this representation. After that we’ll be joined by Fenik Za for a poetry performance.

Of course at 7pm as usual there will be food by Barriccoons Kitchen. We’ll finish with the screening of a documentary on Angela Davis.

Barriversary – Barricade’s 1 year birthday!


Book-Café The Barricade is celebrating its first birthday!

With what not long ago was a pile of dusty boxes of books, we’ve made a library with more than two hundred members. On what were discarded veggies ready to become trash, we’ve tried to model a different society. We’ve tried to bring political activity back to where it had evaporated from and have kept fighting for a space so needed in times like these.

At the one year mark we find ourselves with still so many things to improve, so many more questions to ask and so many more energies to gather.

We’d like to use this weekend to celebrate what we have managed to do so far and plot together for the work that still needs to be done. Come join us!

¡¡A las barricadas!!

Bookcafé The Barricade


Bookcafé The Barricade is a volunteer-run public library with a focus on anarchism and leftist politics. In our permanent collection, we have a variety of materials (books, journals, zines) on feminism, marxism, postcolonialism, environmentalism, veganism, squatting and DIY culture.

This collection consists of both classic and contemporary texts in English and Dutch. Becoming a member and borrowing books is free.

We believe that self-education is a crucial element in the struggle for social change and therefore we aim to provide a space for collective learning. We organize discussions, reading groups and workshops that are free and open to anyone who is interested.

Barriccoons Kitchen


Barriccoons Kitchen is an anti-food waste collective that tries to make it possible for everybody to eat a decent meal without having to pay a fortune.
We believe that what our society considers waste has still so much more to offer and we try our best to feed as many people as possible with our food.

We also support raccoons.

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