[Amsterdam] Benefit movie night for arrestees Woonprotest


Benefit movie night for arrestees Woonprotest – Precaristas

Sunday evening 31 October 2021
At Teatro Munganga
Adress: Schinkelhavenstraat 27 Amsterdam
Suggested donation: 3 euro
Door open at 19:00, documentary starts at 20:00
After that the Solidarity Bar is open
“Precaristas” (2019), in Spanish, English subtitles

This documentary tells the story of the Anarchist Federation of Gran Canaria and their hard work of fighting homelessness, Precarization and exploitation by the rich of the working class on the Island of Gran Canaria. Mass tourism and speculation ripped the Island to pieces and with the squatting of hundreds of houses the people, the anarchists, the tenants, the workers and the unemployed made a powerful local movement to fight the rich and take back their life, dignity and build a community based on Solidarity, Mutual Aid and Direct Action.

For more info in English, click here or here. Click here for Spanish.

This is organized by the Anarchist Group Amsterdam / Vrije Bond

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