[Amsterdam] Benefit for Russian anarchists and anti fascists

VrankrijkSpuistraat 216

[Amsterdam] Benefit for Russian anarchists and anti fascists

more info Rupression.

Sunday 7th of April EARLY START, at 24:00 closed !
5 euro donation
17:00 door open
17:30 Info talk
from Russian comrades about the repression of the anarchist and anti-fascist movement in Russia today

18:00 Docu “the Network” (2019/English subtitles)
about the Russian state frame up of anarchists and anti-fascists.
19:00 Vegan Dinner (5 euro)
20:00 Start Band

Violence Party – UK

Crust Punk -Amsterdam

International Crust/Violence – Amsterdam/Paris

Info table by the AGA with pamphlets, zines, Tshirts, writing letters to prisoners.

At the Vrankrijk – Spuistraat 216 – Amsterdam

This event is organized by Dirty Immigrant Collective Amsterdam
and Anarchist Group Amsterdam.

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