[Amsterdam] Reading Evening at AstaroTheatro: Work/Consume


[Amsterdam] Reading Evening at AstaroTheatro: Work/Consume

It was another beautiful day in the small capitalist country. Meanwhile the radio was playing a well-known tune. The rhythm was joyful, the chorus was catchy, it stuck in your head. It went like: ‘Work and consume…’.
‘Work and consume…’, said the TV.
‘Work and consume…’, was written on the newspapers.
Work, consume and… die.

A. Celestini

Is work today serving any other purpose that is not the accumulation of goods and the satisfaction of a made-up need for an individualist consumption? What is the worker aiming for while performing a task that devour (at least) one third of their existence if not acquiring with money what will allow them to consume, and consequently destroy or use other goods created with the only goal to satisfy them?

Our reading night is an event where we want to get together and share some good readings about the work/consume addiction.
We believe in the importance of experiencing reading as a collective act as a form of resistance and in the empowering feeling that doing so can generate.

Do you feel like sharing a prose text, a poem or your own words with us? Send us an email at barricade@riseup.net

The reading should be max 10 minutes long and can be in whatever language you prefer.

If you don’t feel like reading, join us anyway on Saturday 20 April at 20.30 at AstaroTheatro in Amsterdam to hear some readings about the work/consume addiction.


Saturday 20 April at 20.30


Sint Jansstraat 37

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