struggle of peasants in Kulon Progo (Java, Indonesia)

BolloxEerste Schinkel­straat 14-16

Amsterdam: Info-talk on peasanstruggle in Kulon Progo (Indonesia)


Info-talk about the struggle of peasants in Kulon Progo (Java, Indonesia)

This evening we will talk about the struggle of the autonomous peasant community of Kulon Progo (Java, Indonesia) against the intended exploitation of their environment by mining companies.

Since years the Kulon Progo community is fighting by means of demonstrations, confrontations and office occupations and defends itself against attacks of thugs paid by the mining companies.

The struggle of the peasants of Kulon Progo reaches beyond their own community. The attempts to create a bigger autonomous peasant movement are being made and there is a growing solidarity network between different struggling communities in Indonesia and beyond.

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