[Amsterdam] Documentary screening: Generation Hate (part 1)

BolloxEerste Schinkel­straat 14-16

[Amsterdam] Documentary screening: Generation Hate (part 1)

The 22th of March, AFA Amsterdam will host a documentary screening at the Bollox (Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16). We will watch part one of a a two-part investigation in which Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit goes undercover to expose France’s far right.

Generation Hate shows members of Generation Identity in Lille. Eventough Generation Identity presents itself as a non-violent and non-racist patriotic movement, the secretly filmed footage i.a. shows them carrying out attacks on young Arabs and making nazi salutes. Meanwhile they also explain how they’ve infiltrated the National Front (now the National Rally), the far-right French party led by Marine Le Pen.

Generation Identity is one of Europe’s fastest growing far-right movements. It was set up in France six years ago, and now has branches in many European countries. The group, estimated to have thousands of activists and an online following of tens of thousands more, advocates the defence of what it sees as the identity and culture of white Europeans from what it calls the “great replacement” by immigration and “Islamisation”.

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